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Acquisition Search

As appropriate, Sendik Capital undertakes buy-side engagements from institutional investors and corporate strategic acquirers. In doing so, we focus on understanding client objectives and tailor an appropriate acquisition strategy.

Our process for Acquisition Advisory Services typically contains some or all the following components:

  • Identification and sourcing of acquisition candidates that meet the criteria set forth by our client.
  • Assisting our client in establishing the valuation of acquisition targets and identification of any synergies.
  • Assisting our client in price and contract negotiations with the acquisition target.
  • Collaborating with our client on constructing due diligence criteria and assisting with the execution of the due diligence process as required.
  • Assisting with the arrangement of financing as needed to acquire the subject business.

To discuss a particular buy-side assignment please contact Adam Sendik, Managing Director at (954) 377-7700 or use our contact form.

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